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Eyelash Extensions, in Pierce County, just south of Seattle in Federal Way, Washington, MeMe's Eyelash Extensions Salon...their yours, only better! Ultimately magnified! No more mascara ... your lashes are ready for anything, anytime. Shower, swim, cry, workout. Eyelash extensions are completely waterproof. At last, the lashes you should have been born with!

MeMe's, Pierce County Eyelash Extensions Salon provides a completely new way to extend the length and thickness of your lashes. They are applied on a hair by hair basis to your own lashes for a completely natural look

pierce county eyelash extensions salon

 With Eyelash Extensions, the length and volume of your lashes will not only increase,
     but they will   look and feel natural. You can choose lashes that look exaggerated and sexy or go
     for the more conservative, natural look.


  The application of eyelash extensions includes applying on single, silky lash extension
      to each one of your OWN individual lashes. That's right, one eyelash at a time !

      As a natural part of the eyelash growth cycle, one is continuously losing and re-growing new lashes.
     This is why we recommend that our clients return every two to three weeks for touch-ups to maintain      
     existing lashes by removing any that are loose and by adding extensions to newly grown lashes ensure      continual, full lashes.

     Caring for your eyelash extensions is easy. Avoid oily products on the lash area. No mascara (you won't      need it). Avoid rubbing and pulling, Follow up with a "Longer Life" mascara, available at MeMe & Co.